When You Know, You Know!

The soul is so powerful. It’s a pity the human race lives governed by mind and ego, rather than listening to the energy that drives their life force.

Sometimes I question if I am crazy. I’ve often felt alone or displaced. I’ve always been aware that I’m not like everybody else. And then I meet a kindred spirit …

Who are these spirits and how do I know I’ve connected with one? Although we live within our bodies and utilise our minds, we feel with our heart and connect to our soul. This is why we feel deeply. This is why it’s easy to recognise them. When you’ve meet some who feels like you’ve known them forever, you just know.

Some deny the soul and lock up their hearts. So sad that the strongest and most beautiful part of them is trapped … like Rapunzel in the tower. I tried the “settle” role, but couldn’t stay in the tower for long. How can one happily stay in the tower, whilst the forest is at your fingertips. You might as well be in the dungeon and Prince charming ain’t in the tower. Damn, I even used my own hair to climb down to freedom.

hair forest

I could never live that way. Plus I’ve met many older couples, who advise against it. True love gives you freedom to be you. I have a lot of admiration for older people who “just knew”. Their passion for life and true love, has always reminded me to follow my bliss and stay on my path.

And so I have … and although my flight path is over 7000 miles long and more weeks away than I care to feel, I know he is waiting for me with arms wide open.


You’ll know when you meet a soul you’ve known before. Time has no place Life feels mystical and magical … and so it should! We are miracles. We are filled with divine energy. You were once an Ova from a woman, united with the Sperm of a man. Then you formed inside her body and were born. What a miracle life is!

We forget we are miracles. We take it for granted. That’s life! But part of life is growing and learning and remembering who we are. Embracing your own personal evolution is the most important thing we can do for this planet. The more we evolve, the better the human race will become. As humans, we blossom with connection. With love, we achieve bliss. Soak it up. Be playful. Be sunlight in someone’s day. Be magical. Open your eyes and open your heart … Heaven is on Earth!

I challenge you, just for today to Be Love Personified … and remember that sometimes it’s the people you would never hug that needs the love the most!

Blessings, Love & Light,
Hugs & Kisses



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