What Do You see?

When it rains, do you see the vibrancy in trees around you? If you can’t see any trees, do you feel the cleansing of the city streets or more? Where is your focus?
I’m fortunate that upon the platforms of the train station nearest to my home that there are trees and flowers.

Most people awaiting the next train face the track. Not me! I face the trees. Often I place my hand against a low branch and receive her energy, sending back my gratitude.

I’ve noticed sideway glances, when my back is to the train track. There’s an excellent reason why I’m facing the opposite direction of everyone else.¬†Watching the steal train track isn’t going to make the train come any faster. Nor is it going to make me feel as amazing as I feel when I face the glorious eastern morning sky.

And guess what? Without trying, every day I get a perfect seat on the train! And every day, I’m reminded that Energy is everything! And to top it off, whether I’m in the middle of a forest or at the beach or walking past a park in the city, I’m loving raising my vibration through nature … yes, even in the big city! Don’t forget to share your vibrant ¬†loving energy with those you love and those who could use some and …

Have a Magical Day!

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