What a Big Sex Organ!

Have you ever wondered why you want to jump the bones of the guy who you’d normally not look at twice rather than his hot friend? Ever seen an overweight woman who oozed the quad-ripple sex appeal of her classically sexier friend? Is it all in your head? Yep! Sure is …. because the brain is the largest sex organ.

Have you ever experienced your own change in mind? Someone who is delicious to look at, can become unattractive if their personality does not resonate with yours. In fact, they can become ugly if their personality is a turn off.

Self confidence is inspiring, alluring and sexy. Most of us spend too much time caring about what others think. Can we satisfy everyone? Not possible! Who is the one person guaranteed to be in your life? You. So, satisfy yourself … while I love that your mind went down the cheeky path, I was referring to making yourself happy!

Anyone who has self- awareness, notices their effect on the opposite sex … and yes, even the same sex, regardless of your sexual orientation. If your mood is cheeky, you draw playful people to you. If you’re feeling confident, you draw positive attention to you. If you feel sexy, you send out that energy. Watch the smiles you’ll get from both sexes. It’s the same as when you’re happy in love. Everyone wants to love you, because you’re sending out loving energy.

If you’re not feeling sexy, because you’re not happy with your body, change your thoughts first. Play some music that you love. This will motivate you to jiggle your toes, then your butt … and before you know it, your dancing and then exercising.

If being busy has been you’re excuse, start with 15 minutes dancing or exercising a day. You’ll not only notice how different you feel after 15 minutes a day, but you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to it. It’s a combination of the happy hormone released during exercise and the boost of freedom music has on the soul. It’s amazing how this 15 minutes of fun, exercise and energy raising every day will have an impact on your body, your mind, your heart and your soul. When you look in the mirror, you will see the vibrant and sexy version of you, who even you love!


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