Rebounding or Dancing?

If you walk away from one and bump into someone delicious, can it be┬áconsidered a rebound if your mind and heart are moved as well as your body? What if you were already over the sour taste? How much time has to pass after jumping ship? Aren’t we all different and thus time really is relative? And who decides all these answers anyway?!

couple 1

You do!
In the words of a great Australian song by The Master’s Apprentices …
“Ooh Do what you wanna do, Be what you wanna be Yeah.”

Don’t you love a song that lasts forever! Doesn’t music set you free! Don’t you feel great when you sing like nobody is listening and dance like no-one’s watching! Isn’t it more exhilarating when you’re in step with your dance partner!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

couple 2

Life a little like the cha cha – two steps forward … one step back then two steps forward. If you spin away and get caught by someone sweet, isn’t that part of the dance of life? Why live a lie, when the truth sets you free and gives you freedom to find your bliss. Isn’t it worth giving it a go, when the energy feels right! If you’re lost in what I’m saying, then you need to get out and grab yourself a dance partner … and say “Yes” to getting swept away! Say “Yes” to your passions and live your bliss!

couple 3

Hugs & Blessings xxo

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