Not Long Enough!

Have you ever loved someone so deeply, that vowing an eternity to them doesn’t feel long enough? There are some mighty powerful emotions in that feeling! Whether it be the love for a partner or your child, the intensity of a soul connection goes way beyond words.

When I first became a mother, the overwhelming love I had for my baby was euphoric … and no, it wasn’t the hormones! Even before she was born, my life changed beyond the physical. Although I felt like a Goddess, she was coming to help me become a better person. I could feel her soul before she was born and the emotions of holding her in my arms was beyond words spoken by any being. I could never imagine it possible to love her any more than I did back then. But I do!

True love grows no matter what happens in day to day life. No matter how annoying or frustrating life gets, true love develops and expands. Appreciation and gratitude is so important through the bad times as well as the good. Love your little angels and hold them tight and don’t listen to anyone who complains that you will “spoil” your child from hugging them “too much”. I used to say, “How can I ruin my child by loving her and hugging her when she wants to be held?” Won’t I be raising a secure person, who will believe in herself and following her heart? How would you feel if someone you loved refused to embrace you because they gave you a hug an hour ago?

Many people are taught from a young age to not be “too open” with their heart. Well that’s a great way to not let the love in! Yes, I’m being sarcastic! So what if you get hurt. Feel the pain and move on. Why would any sane person block themselves from love when it feels so goddamn good??!!

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It doesn’t mean you commit to just anyone or everyone! We all have our personal tastes and likes and dislikes. You probably won’t want to date a hunter if you’re a Vegan! You might like herbal tea but not interested in hanging out with pot smokers. You deserve to have what you want in your life. Just like deserving a hug when you want one. What it does mean is don’t close your heart off to those your soul will connect with. When you’re true to yourself, you don’t rest where you don’t connect. Keep walking. Whether friend or partner, your soul will find connections if you allow it.

I’ve been fortunate to meet many older couples who are playful and romantic. Still childlike in their 70’s, they all advise to “not settle”. They always say, “You will know when you meet him!” Your heart expands to the far reaches of the universe. All the stars and planets feel aligned. That’s where you truly feel the desire to lay … snug in his arms … for the rest of eternity and beyond!

I did listen and I have been blessed … I was true to myself by listening to my inner being and every cell in my body, all the instinctual thoughts of my mind and the whispers of my heart … I followed my soul path to my pot of gold at the rainbows end and the start of my life of bliss. My human heart may never feel like eternity is long enough, so I allow myself ┬áto love with all my heart, because we are souls entwined for eternity.


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