My Hands Your Hands Oh My !!!!!

Who needs a magic wand, when you have fingertips?! Opening the door to greater intimacy can start with a simple touch. You can achieve greater intimacy by simply sitting with another and touching each others hands for half an hour without going further than the forearm.

tantra hand-in-hand

A simple touch shows the other that you care enough about true connection. Tracing your fingertips over his palm, will send your life force energy through him like a sexual charge that he’s never felt before. Yes, he has felt sexual energy through other parts of his body, but when it is simply through the hands alone, you will both realise that true intimacy isn’t just about those other parts of the body.

tantra Hands-touch

When you’re charged with life force energy, you feel empowered. This is not about control of others but self control and owning your space, without others having control over you. It is about truth and freedom to be you. This energy, inner strength and freedom makes you feel alive and sexy.

This sensual energy isn’t about overpowering another. It’s about being part of the natural flow of give and receive. It’s about releasing your inhibitions and trust. This connection with another is the ultimate in intimacy.

tantra palms

Spend half an hour doing nothing but looking into each others eyes and tracing your finger tips and palms across each others hands. Talking turns. Changing positions of hands. Giving your energy with heart. Receiving with pleasure. While hand touching is just the beginning, the close to your evening will be so intimate that he will want to hold you long after your heart beat has returned to normal.

tantra hands 2

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