Glastonbury very Magickal!

Have you ever been somewhere you knew you’ve been before? Ever been somewhere on this planet, where you experienced something “out of this world”? Have you shared that moment with another, to discover they had a similar thing happen at that same place?

I know many of you are nodding right now and thinking “Yep! Me too!”

On a recent trip to England, it felt like everything was standing on my path to Glastonbury. Before you get all comical, I wasn’t stopped by potheads on their way to the festival … in fact, there was nothing particular happening on the Glastonbury Calendar that week.

When travelling, I don’t need my hand held. I don’t like extended escorted tours. However, as a local Tour Guide, I appreciate the information given by someone who has researched the history of a place, it’s people and the legends the land holds. A short walking tour or maximum day trip enables one to achieve freedom during a trip, while having moments to capture information and ¬†without being locked up with a group for long. As a devotee of the Goddess,¬†believer in Avalon and lover of the Arthurian legend, I longed to soak up as much as I could for a day … boy, was that an understatement!

It started with my original tour being cancelled. I thought of taking the train to Glastonbury, as I did through Yorkshire and the rest of Somerset, then I searched for another tour. I wanted to hear about the legends while standing on the grounds of which they came. One thing after another happened, including almost not making it to the Tor. But I was determined. Nothing was going to stop me. Not even the ‘waste of money’ tour guide, who knew nothing about the legend and wouldn’t drive us to the Tor. I missed the local bus from Glastonbury Abbey to the Tor, so I caught a taxi. You know when every cell in your body yearns to be somewhere? That was me!


Get there, I did! Anyone who has been up the Tor, knows that the pathway is not narrow, nor that steep. Yet I felt I was going to fall off the edge. I’ve done the BridgeClimb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and felt secure, so I kept wondering what was going on as I could see that it was neither steep or narrow. No, I hadn’t been drinking or smoking anything. There was no reason for feeling like I was going to fall off.

100_0333Then I reached the top. I stood at the top of the Tor and with the wind in my hair, I could feel the energy of centuries of Pagan Rituals. It was a clear summers day. The veil of mist was lifted and I could see for miles around. I soaked up the euphoric energy. I felt love and peace. Then I walked through the tiny remains of St. Michael’s Tower. And then it happened again!


On the other side, the wild wind nearly lifted me off the Tor. Scared of literally blowing away, I quickly pressed my back into the tower. Where did this wind suddenly come from? A man walked past me and another stood a few meters to my right. Why weren’t other people not being affected by the wind? What was going on??

100_0336Were the legends true? Was I standing in Avalon, while they were standing in Glastonbury? Was I connecting to the energy of a past life? Was the Goddess reaching out to me? Was I delusional? Had someone slipped something in my coffee at breakfast?

Since that trip to England, I’ve met two others who have had a similar strange experience on the Tor. Another was thought to have disappeared, while she could not find her friends on the Tor. Anyone who has been on Glastonbury Tor, knows that it is too small for this to be possible.

Many who have been, talk of the energy on the Tor. Many have had visions or experiences as unusual as mine. Some have claimed to see the Tor aglow. Have you been to Glastonbury Tor? Did you experience anything out of the ordinary?

Or has another place captured your curiosity? So where in the world was your mystical location? What happened and where were you? Please share your comments below … We’d love to hear about your experience.

Blessings, Love & light, Hugs & Kisses

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